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Friday, 20 May 2016

Revit 2016 / 2017 Render Comparison

This Revit Recess entry will focus on the differences between Revit 2017's render engine. as opposed to Revit 2016's NVIDIA mental ray and Autodesk Raytracer render engine. For more information on Revit 2016's different render engines, refer to this post.

I re-created a Go-Kart track based on a plan sourced from the internet (As everyone needs a change of scenery every now and again), It was a ton of fun to re-create this Go-Kart track in 3D, as I used the same railing creation principles for the tire barriers as shown in the Railing me this, Railing me that blog entry.

The renders I ran in Revit 2016 used both the NVIDIA mental ray, and Autodesk Raytracer render engines at a Draft, Low, Medium and High quality - The results of which can be seen below.

And now for the Revit 2017 renders: You will notice a clear similarity between these renders and the Autodesk Raytrace Revit 2016 renders. This is due to the fact that Autodesk's Raytracer render engine has been incorporated into the 2017 version by default.  

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