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Friday, 6 May 2016

CGI Master Artists - AREA by Autodesk

Once every month or so I tend to get lost for a few hours in a website called AREA by Autodesk. AREA is a infinite goldmine of images and knowledge if you are passionate about (or even have the slightest interest) in CGI. I love the user submissions - People like you and me who spend countless hours, weeks and months of their own free time to systematically learn how their software of choice works - Then refining their skills to such an extent that they are able to create absolutely insane results. 

In this Revit Recess post, I'd like to give credit to two particular artists: Joel Erkkinen and Léandre Hounnaké. Joel was recognised as the December AREA Artist of the Month, with Léandre Hounnaké the October AREA Artist of the Month.

In Joel's own words: 
"I really find humor in thinking about these iconic soldiers in every day situations. What do they do after work? What are their families like? What would they have as pets? While answering these questions with the renders, I like to include loads of detail and little "easter eggs" to keep the viewer engaged."

Léandre's images made my jaw literally drop. It's all I can say.

Do yourself a favour and visit Joel's company website: Meditech Communications, and Léandre's webiste: Pixel23. Even better: If you do not have access to Autodesk's software, visit their product download pages and install a trial version. Play around with it, it's a whole lot of fun!

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