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Monday, 21 November 2016

Autodesk University 2016: Some Observations

Paulo Coelho once said: "How much I missed, simply because I was afraid of missing it."

If you have missed Autodesk University this year, start making preparations now for 2017. There might be time constraints, you might not have the finances, you might have a big project coming up, you might, you might, you might...

That "might" sounds like an opportunity you are already missing. Trust me, AU is absolutely worth every Rand, Penny, Dinar and Dollar! Make some time now, start saving now, start planning now.

I would like to highlight two classes which literally blew me away, and I insist that you download their class materials when it becomes available on the Autodesk University website:

* Habits of Highly Effective BIM Managers: James Vandezande - Director of Design Technology at HOK
* Design Strategies with FormIt 360: Jarod Schultz - Design Technology Director at initial.aec

I have to admit, I also missed a few opportunities at AU this year. I missed the opportunity of cloning myself to attend all the classes I wanted to. Next year AU, next year... All that is left to do is to get over this jetlag

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Wish: Linked View Crop Regions

The Selection Box function in Revit is one of the most useful tools we have to quickly create a 3D view of selected elements. However, there is a wish I would love to be addressed in the Update Release or new version

I have linked a project which contains many 3D views where the crop boundaries have already been adjusted to isolate a specific area. I would like to create my own 3D view, edit the link's Visibility Graphics and set the Display Settings to the corresponding linked view - In theory that should also adjust my view's cropped region, right? Unfortunately, no luck here. Would be a nice to have though...

Monday, 7 November 2016

Autodesk University Las Vegas: The Time Is Now!

The annual Autodesk University event is nearly upon us! Viva Las Vegas!

Even though this prestigious event happens in less than 8 days from now, if you have not had the time or finances to attend it, keep an eye on All class modules and handouts will be uploaded in due time. Autodesk has some major developments in store for us!

Sooooo.... What can you expect to experience?

If you are indeed attending the event, feel free to connect with me on the Autodesk University App - I would love to meet you all.

See you in Vegas!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Modena Awarded Platinum Partner Status

Having demonstrated decades of unwavering commitment to our clients with unparalleled levels of support at all levels, Modena Design Centres is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious PLATINUM Partner status by Autodesk and is now the only Autodesk partner in Africa to hold this status!

Thank you to all our clients for giving us the opportunity to realise this milestone. We look forward to heading into ...the Future of Making Things with all of you, better, faster and stronger than ever before!

There is has never been a better time to contact Modena to discuss how we can help you give your company the competitive edge it deserves.

Official description for this status by Autodesk:
The Autodesk Platinum Partner designation indicates a significant investment in consulting and development services. These Partners have also demonstrated an ability to deliver the highest level of solution expertise, service, support, and customer satisfaction.