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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Revit 2016 Release 2 - Autodesk Raytracer Improvements

In the latest Release for Revit 2016: Release 2, Autodesk Raytracer has been improved to a large extent. One is now able to control not only the Rendering Quality, but also the Light and Material Accuracy as well as the Render Duration.

1. When choosing Autodesk Raytracer as your render engine, and Customizing your render settings, you will be able to Edit these settings.

2. In the Render Quality Settings window, you can choose whether your Light and Material Accuracy should be Simplified, or be set to Advanced

3. Render Quality can be set to one of three options:
     3.1 Render by Level (1 - 40) 
     3.2 Render by Time: 32768 minutes / 546.133 Hours / 22.76 Days
     3.3 Render until Satisfactory

Comparison Example: Render Level 1 versus Render Level 20:

Comparison Example: Render by Time - 1 Minute versus 10 Minutes

Example: Render Until Satisfactory

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