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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Changing Temporary Dimension Sizes

OOTB (Out Of The Box), temporary dimension sizes are 8mm, which can at certain levels of zoom be too small to select and change. Similarly, when trying to edit a temporary dimension on a very busy drawing, you might actually select model geometry. The Revit MEP folks will know exactly what I mean! 

So the big question is: How do we change my temporary dimension sizes? Navigate to your Options and select Graphics. We will find ourTemporary Dimension Text Appearance area to the bottom where we can change the sizes. 

The results will look as per the image below:

Unfortunately, changing the temporary dimension size will not affect the size of MEP connectors - Only the graphical connector information.  

This was, is, and will remain very high on my Revit wishlist for a future release.

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