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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

How up-to-date is your Software?

More than often, when any client requests support for any software flavour, three main questions will be asked:

1. Have you installed the latest service packs for your software?
2. Have you installed the latest service packs for your OS (Operating System)?
3. Have you installed the latest drivers for your hardware?

These questions might seem like silly questions. However, once confirmation has been received that these have been attended to, one can start looking at other reasons why software has been crashing, is performing slowly, or why the user cannot perform a command.

One can update all Autodesk software through the Autodesk Application Manager. I have actually pinned by Application Manager to my Windows taskbar.

A little tip if you have a myriad of Autodesk software products to update: We have the option to sort all updates to Severity. This will ensure that the most important updates will be listed to the top of the Application Manager.

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