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Friday, 6 March 2015

Navigation/Steering Wheel Options

You just gotta love the Revit Help files! Every day you learn something new. I accidentally found the text Tour Building Wheel when I was looking for something completely different. 

In Revit's Options, we have a dedicated section focusing on Steering Wheels. I have to admit, I glanced over this section many times before without really paying any attention. So what is the difference between the Mini Wheel and Big Steering Wheel?

When you are in either a plan or 3D view and you activate the navigation/steering wheel, you will find most commands that is required for browsing through those views, right? The appearance of this wheel is however editable. When we right click on the wheel, you will see options for the Mini View Object Wheel, Mini Tour Building Wheel, Mini Full Navigation Wheel, and Full Navigation Wheel.

The images below shows the different representations we get with the different Navigation Wheel Options. 

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