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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Model Faster - Part 1

It is the small things that makes life easier.

This will be the first of various entries detailing how to model faster in Revit. Some of the tips you might know about already and some you might have forgotten. 

This entry will focus on detailing in Revit, however the same principles applies to system families such as walls. We will test the time it takes to draw a simple cross with rounded corners.

The first image above is the drafting objective: Side lengths are 94mm, with corner radiuses of 20mm.

The second image was created by drawing the cross first (without any rounded corners). The radiuses were then added using the old conventional AutoCAD method of using fillet arcs. This method took 48 Seconds to complete, from starting the Detail Line command, to the completion of the object.

The last image was created by drawing the cross using the Detail Lines command, with the exception of enabling the Radius tickbox in the Options bar. This method cut the modelling time with more than 50%, being 22 seconds.

The videos below will show the two methods that were used.

Video 1: Fillet Arc command

Video 2: Radius enabled

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