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Monday, 11 May 2015

Revit Render Quality & Time Analysis

This entry will focus on the advanced render settings one has access to within Revit, as well as the effects each render setting has on rendering times. We will use one of the Basic Sample Project perspective 3D views for this exercise.

The image below is of the kitchen area, in a Realistic Visual Style

Advanced Render settings can be accessed within the Render command, by editing the Quality Settings. In the Render Quality Settings one can now tweak specific settings before the render is run. The Quality Settings will be based on a Medium render quality.

We will use the image below as a control reference for any tweaks we make to the render quality settings. We will go through each quality setting, and test what the effects would be for the minimum, as well as maximum setting on our rendered scene. Red lines will indicate the before and after quality on areas where the most effects can be seen. A rendered time will also be provided for each image.

The control image was rendered using the Medium Quality setting

1.1 Control Image - MEDIUM QUALITY (DEFAULT QUALITY ) - 0m58s

2.1 Image Precision (Anti Aliasing) - LOWEST - 02m37s

2.2 Image Precision (Anti Aliasing) - HIGHEST - 26m58s

3.1 Reflections - LOWEST - 00m34s

3.2 Reflections - HIGHEST - 02m41s

4.1 Refractions - LOWEST - 0m29s

4.2 Refractions - HIGHEST - 0m59s

5.1 Blurred Reflection Precision - LOWEST - 0m56s

5.2 Blurred Reflection Precision - HIGHEST - 1m46s

6.1 Blurred Refraction Precision - LOWEST - 0m59s

6.2 Blurred Refraction Precision - HIGHEST - 1m01s

7.1 Soft Shadows - LOWEST - 0m53s

7.2 Soft Shadows - HIGHEST - 2m19s

8.1 Indirect & Sky Illumination - DISABLED - 0m36s

9.1 Indirect Illumination Precision - LOWEST - 0m51s

10.1 Indirect Illumination Smoothness - LOWEST - 0m47s

10.2 Indirect Illumination Smoothness - HIGHEST - 11m09s

11.1 Indirect Illumination Bounces - LOWEST - 0m51s

11.2 Indirect Illumination Bounces - HIGHEST - 1m01s

12.1 Daylight Portals (Windows) - 1m56s

12.2 Daylight Portals (Doors) - 1m32s

12.3 Daylight Portals (Curtain Walls) - 5m48s


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