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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Structural Floor Decking Function

Best Practice dictates that overmodelling in Revit is a no-no. In other words, detailing is done by converting a 2D CAD based detail to Revit lines, text, filled regions etc. To automatically detail a Structural Floor to automatically include a pre-specified decking profile, one can edit the structure of the floor and add a dedicated structural deck to the floor layer.  

1. Edit the structure of a floor.
2. Add another floor layer, and apply the Structural Deck function to the layer.
3. Change your View in the Edit Assembly window from floor plan to Section
4. You will be able to edit your Structural Deck Properties, to change both the Decking Profile, as well as the Deck Usage.
5. When the deck profile and deck usage has been specified, the section image will update accordingly

This structural decking profile will only show if a section is drawn perpendicular to the floor, as the profile we add to the structure, is a 2D family. Similarly, due to the latter, the decking profile will not show in 3D.

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