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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Interactive Panoramic Cloud Render

Potatoe-Potato, Tomatoe-Tomato, Doughnut-Donut.

Irrespective of what the correct grammar is, this entry will focus on one of my testing projects: The Do-Nut-Stop. One building has panels that are closed, and the other has panels that are open at 10 degree intervals.

Still internal render:

The main focus will be on one of the new features when rendering through the cloud: Interactive Panoramic Render. To render in the cloud, browse to the View Tab, Graphics Panel, and start the Render in Cloud command.

From the view selection window, change your Output Type to Interactive Panorama.

Once the views have rendered, you will be able to download and save the result either as an Image Strip, or as a HTML file. 

The images below is of a HTML file in which you can pan around the view origin to see a 360 degree representation from that point. 

Building A_Exterior_Closed Panels

Building B_Interior_Open Repeating Panels

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