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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Creating a Custom Enscape Skybox

I have looked into creating custom skybox files a while ago, but did not have much success. If memory serves me, the closest I got to creating something viable, was through the use of the Unity engine. That has changed for the best however: Enter iStreetView and Street View Download 360!

The process of creating a custom skybox is really easy. 

Step 1: Visit to install the Street View Download 360 program.

Step 2: Visit and search for your project's location. Copy the Panorama ID code on the right hand pane. 

Step 3: Open the Street View Download 360 App, choose a Save-As location, a Panorama name, and paste the ID copied in Step 2 into the required field. Download the Panorama file. 

Step 4: Through Enscape, add the downloaded Panorama image as a skybox file. Note that the panorama image must have an aspect ration of 2:1, 4:3, etc. 

The result could look similar to the image below:

Note however that one cannot move the skybox up or down. One can only rotate it on the X-axis. I believe this is due to the height the panorama was captured at, coupled with the skybox being inserted to the center of the project's geometry.

I'm still satisfied with the results!

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