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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Enscape: Stereo Panorama QR Code

Even by using Enscape on a daily basis, I seemed to have missed this extremely useful function; Released in the latest update, Version 2.1: Save Panorama as QR Code. 

QR Codes are not a new thing. The first QR Code reportedly created took place in 1994 by a Toyota subsidiary called Denso Wave. Fast forward to today and we can envision a myriad of new possibilities using 24-year old technology. One of these possibilities is to send a simple image to a client, a manager, a director, or even a contractor to immerse themselves in your design. 

Queue Enscape Version 2.1:

Once a Panorama has been created from Enscape, and uploaded to the cloud,

That Panorama can be saved as a PNG Image file. 

Try it yourself! Download a free QR Code reader for iOS or Android, open the app on your cellphone and aim for the picture below. Immerse yourself in a panoramic scene which could be part of your next design.

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