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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

View Anomaly

A client recently contacted me with a very interesting observation, a view anomaly if you will. Whilst setting up his template, he created a company standard callout. When window selecting the callout, Revit showed he had 1 callout selected. However, when selecting all callouts in the view, he suddenly had 2 callouts. He could not find the "ghost" callout, nor could I. 

Below is an example of the view amounts when window-selecting the callout, detail section, and building section:

This is where things get interesting: When selecting all callouts, detail sections and building sections in the view, we now have twice as many views

A view list schedule confirms that we only have one of each type

After a bit of investigation, we saw that the Crop Boundary for each view is also seen by Revit as a View, which kind of makes sense. So there you have it: A section, for example, is actually two views - the section itself, as well as the crop region.

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