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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Duct Insulation and Lining - How it affects Duct Sizing

I am often asked whether the automatic duct sizing function in Revit still works when one adds insulation and lining. Will my ducting and/or piping recognize the insulation and lining? The short and long of it all, is yes. 

As can be seen from the image below, we have an un-insulated and unlined duct run to the left. When adding insulation and lining (25mm), the duct section pressure drop adjusts automatically. Happy? I am. 

When one starts the automatic duct sizing command, the un-insulated and unlined ducting sizes according to 9 m/s flow and 0.8 Pa pressure drop. With insulation and lining added, one can clearly see Revit taking the 25mm insulation and lining into account, adjusting not only the duct sizes, but also the duct section pressure drop values. 

Even when changing the insulation and lining thicknesses to 50mm, Revit still processes the changes. Happy? I still am. 

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