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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Revit Array: Append to End

Often the execution of a command is not enough. There are times when slight adjustments needs to be made to the results of the command. Because most users do not know the adjustments one can make after a command has been executed, they delete all of their hard work and start everything over again. 
This is not necessary.

Let’s look at the Array command: After an array has taken place, when the array line is selected, we will see a checkbox in the Options Bar. This checkbox is called Append to End. We use this function to make slight adjustments to the existing array.

When looking at a linear array which has 4 array items, arrayed to the last point: Without appending the arrayed elements to the array’s end, more elements are added in between the start and end of the array.

However, when appending the arrayed elements to the array’s end, the array to last will act as an array to second. In other words, more array elements will be added to the last array point, with equal spacing in between.

The same applies to a radial array:

Append to end deselected:
Append to end selected:

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