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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

10000 Revit Recess Views

What an awesome journey this has been! 10 Months ago Revit Recess was created and 10 months down the line, 10000 users took the time to visit the blog. Many, many thanks to each and everyone for motivating me to publish more Revit workarounds, tips and tricks.

Below you will find some interesting blog statistics: 

All Time Pageviews - In March this year, either 4000 people really struggled with Revit, or 4000 people really had some downtime on their hands

The Top 3 Visiting Countries to the blog are:
1. United States of America (Very well done)
2. South Africa (We are slowly catching up!)
3. United Kingdom

Internet Explorer seems to still be the preferred Internet browser, but very close on its heels is Chrome. I was quite surprised that 21% of users are using Firefox (I am a die-hard Chrome user)

As expected (Sorry Macintosh!) Windows clearly is the preferred Operating System for Revit users

To celebrate, here are some of my top Revit meme selections: 


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