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Monday, 29 May 2017

Scope Box Visibility Control

Using a Scope Box is a great way to control the crop regions of multiple views at the same time; Very similar to View Templates. This Revit Recess entry will delve into the pro's and con's of using this method.

The Scope Box command can be found from the View Tab > Create Panel.

Multiple scope boxes can be created to quickly indicate crop regions for certain rooms and/or areas. This can take place in view which has been created from a level: Floor Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, or Structural Plan.

But how do we control the visibility of these scope boxes in views which are unrelated to the area you would like to crop? Simply select the scope boxes you would like to hide in certain views, and have a look at the properties palette. In here we can Edit the views in which the scope boxes will show or be hidden.

By overriding the selected scope boxes' visibility state for selected views, you will notice within the tiled windows in the drawing area, we will be in full control of what we see. Happy? I am.

However: I do have a wish - Currently we have no other alternative to aligning scope box boundaries than to zoom in quite close and manually stretch or contract the scope box edge lines. Autodesk, please allow us to align scope box boundaries using the Align tool?

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