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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Quick Color Fill Legend Tip

As can be seen from the frequency of my recent Revit Recess posts, I am lucky enough to be completely snowed under with work. So let's end March's blog entries with a quick time-saving tip for Color Fill Legends.

When you have a lot of data you need to show through a Color Fill Legend, by default we will have (1) a single column containing all of the information. When we decrease the Column length, we often notice that (2) the additional columns contain a lot of wasted space. (3) Manually editing these column widths does not take a long time, but in my books it's time you could have spent on something else. What are our workaround options then?

The workaround is actually very simple and quick to boot. (4) Adjust the column width of the Color Fill legend before you decrease the length. (5) Problem solved! 

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