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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Revit for Conceptual Urban Design

Connecting people and places - a Very rudimentary explanation about Urban Design, but quite apt in my opinion. Even though there are software packages available that are more suited to urban design, such as Autodesk Infraworks, conceptual urban design is still possible within Revit. This Revit Recess blog entry will focus on conceptual urban design within the Revit platform.

A very quick concept design can be created using the conceptual massing environment, complete with planting and roads. You will notice that I haven't paid particular attention to the road design or outlay from the images below. With the mass family loaded into the project, I thought that the Sketchy Lines functionality looks quite good as opposed to the standard Revit render or realistic visual style

Using a combination of Area Plans, Color Fill Legends and Project Parameters, it is quite easy to graphically indicate Open Spaces, Building Ownership & Zoning Plans, to name a few examples. Used in conjunction with schedules, the power of conceptual urban design in a BIM model is amplified to a large extent. 

As always, I always like to close off a blog entry with an Enscape Render, as I use this add-in 99% of the time I need to send quick rendered images to a client. 

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