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Friday, 22 January 2016

Revit Work Plane Viewer

When working in the Conceptual Massing Environment, we often need to create very organic shapes using very specific profiles. However, as we can see from the image below, the location I would like to draw my profile on, is not parallel to any elevation view, will it be parallel to any point or corner on my View Cube.

To overcome the latter, we can active Revit’s Work Plane viewer, which can be found in the Create tab, Work Plane panel.

An extra window will open which is perfectly parallel to the point you would like to create a profile on. This Work Plane Viewer will allow all navigation, drawing, annotating and modifying commands to be done, with the exception of using keyboard shortcuts whilst working in the viewer.

The end result will be an extremely accurate, very accurate profile, which you can use to create any organic and unique forms.

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