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Monday, 14 September 2015

To Photometric, or not to Photometric

Revit's default light sources work. Most of the time though, these default or standard light source definitions will not create an acceptable diffusion of light within a room. We will investigate what results can be achieved between a default light source, and a photometric light source in Revit.

1.1 Standard Light Source definition

1.1 Rendered Result

2.1 Photometric Light Source definition

2.2 Rendered Result

There are pro's and con's with both light sources: 

  • Standard Light Sources:
    • Pro: Lighter in size in terms of the data it contains
    • Pro: Renders are completed faster due to the above
    • Con: Renders might not be an accurate representation of the actual light diffusion
  • Photometric Light Sources: 
    • Pro: Actual diffusion is more accurate due to the IES file attached to the light source
    • Con: Rendering time will suffer, as there are a lot more data to process

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