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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Gridline Dimensions

I often asked the question whether Revit can dimension all project grids at the same time with a single click of the mouse button. I often wish that I would get breakfast in bed, but unfortunately that does not happen. We will be investigating the fastest way to achieve the latter in this entry.

In the example below, we have both vertical gridlines as well as diagonal gridlines.

We will base our gridline dimensions on a brilliant Revit principle Marcello Sgambelluri has coined as: Sacrificial Elements. I would highly recommend having a look at Marcello’s blog: The Revit Complex.

We will draw walls that are perpendicular to our gridlines. These walls will become our sacrificial elements.

When starting our Aligned Dimension command, we set our Pick options to Entire Walls, and edit our dimension options to only reference our Intersecting Grids

We will pick our walls to add dimensions. You will notice that dimensions also gets added to the starting point and ending point of our walls, as well as to the gridlines closest to those points. 

Instead of editing the dimension witness lines, simply delete the walls.

Gridline dimensions, done and dusted!

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