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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Placeholder Sheets Explained

Placeholder sheets are an extremely useful tool which will allow you to pre-define Sheet Names and Sheet Numbers in your Revit Template. In other words, when creating a new sheet, you can simply select a sheet size, and apply the placeholder sheet information to the new sheet.

Placeholder sheets are created by browsing to the View Tab, Create Panel, Schedules Icon, and selecting the Sheet List command.

For the purpose of this entry, the only information that needs to be added to the Sheet List Schedule, are the Sheet Name and Sheet Number fields.

Data Rows (Pre-defined schedule properties) can now be added to the sheet list schedule, which after being populated, will become our placeholder sheets

When we now create a new sheet, we will be able to select the company standard sheet names and numbers. More data can be added to the sheet list schedule, which will obviously be huge time saver.

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