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Monday, 18 April 2016

Where in the world is Herman?

Hello Revit Recess readers,

You might have wondered why my posts have become very infrequent. Fortunately work has been streaming in, so I had very little time available to play around on Revit.

I also had a bit of a bad experience recently with low-lives breaking into my flat and stealing both of my laptops and a number of other items I hold dear.

Please bear with continued infrequent updates, as I have lost all of my unpublished Revit Recess posts, even  my client and company files (Yes, my external backup drive was also pinched)

So, ja. I will be popping in now and again should I have some interesting or valuable content to share. I am pretty sure that we will soon see many posts focussing on the new Revit 2017 features!

Keep Calm and Revit on, Folks!

Herman Solomon 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Zaha Hadid

With a shock I read that Dame Zaha Hadid tragically passed away on 31 March 2016 from a heart attack - The Guardian. I simply do not have the words to describe the caliber of person she was, nor the impact she had on the Architectural world. Thus, I'd like to dedicate a poem to her - Written by the South African poet Jan F.E. Cilliers:

Stil, broers,
daar gaan 'n man verby,
hy groet,
en dis verlaas.
Daar's nog maar één soos hy;
bekyk hom goed.

Die oog,
nou dof en weggesink,
soos vuurvonk kon hy blink -
die arendsblik,
die kakie- en renegateskrik.
Die stap en kraggebaar
is nou bedaar.
Is dit jul leier nog, per' ruiterskaar?

en soos hy ons s'n was
en is.

Al is die oog verswak,
hy kyk nog fier omhoog
in jou
soos in sy God se oog.
Al stap hy kromgeknak
en afdraans af,
al klop die hart al flou:
soos altyd is nog nou
elk stap en hartslag trou
tot in sy graf.

En hierdie pure man
jou kind, Suid-Afrika!
Wat vrees ons dan?
Geseën sal wees
die grond, die bloed, die vlees
wat sulke vrugte dra.
In ons De Wet se gees