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Friday, 18 September 2015

Where's My Options Bar?

My options bar is missing!

Have a look at the bottom of your screen. The options bar can either be docked to the top (Underneath your Ribbon), or to the bottom (Above your Status bar) of your screen. This is done by right clicking on the options bar itself, and selecting Dock at top or Dock at bottom.


  1. I searched the answer for about 3 hours, finally found it! Thank you very much!!!

  2. I can see where the option bar should be but it does not show the options.

    1. Hi Lila. In my experience this typically happens when either the Revit version you are working with is not on the latest service pack, or due to outdated graphics card drivers. I would recommend updating the latter and then testing whether it has resolved the issue. Best of luck - H

    2. Thank you Herman for your reply. After several tryings I found out that the options bar only appears when the command is active, while I was trying to find it without picking the wall command first. :-))))

      I am a begginer in revit, after 10 years working exclusively in AutoCAD. :-))))

    3. Aah, I'm glad you managed to solve the problem. And welcome to the Revit world :) It's fun!