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Friday, 12 January 2018

Design Sharing and Viewing Options

Technology is not for everyone. Similarly, technology might not form the core of a person's daily lives, thus they do not intuitively know how it works or what to do with it. 

Scenario: You need to share a design with a client who has little to no experience with our design technologies, nor does he/she care to learn how it works.

From the typical Autodesk spectrum we have 5 design sharing and viewing techologies:

1. Autodesk Viewer
2. DWG TrueView
3. Design Review
4. AutoCAD Mobile App
5. BIM 360 Team

I am pretty sure that Revit Recess readers have already tested, or are even using at least 2 of the above programs. I use the Autodesk Viewer, Design Review and BIM 360 Team on a near daily basis. 

Keeping in mind that we need to share files with non-technologically inclined clients, lets look at a quick comparison of the Autodesk Viewer to BIM 360 Team.

For simply viewing over 50 different file formats in the browser, Autodesk Viewer is the answer. From the professional's side, simply upload the required files to the Viewer, and share the link with the client.

From the client's side, simply open the sharing email and click on the link in the email content.

The result? Quick, easy, simple to understand and even simpler to use.

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