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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Toposurface From Infraworks Model - Success!

In the beginning of 2015, I created a post where Infraworks' Model Builder capability was outlined. Since then, we have done numerous tests to see how far the software will get us - 2 Years later, I posted that in Revit 2018 one can link a Coordination Model (Navisworks file) which may be used for site planning. At that time, I could however not find a way of generating a toposurface from the Coordination model.

Enter my colleague Mitchell Parsonage, who managed to create a workflow with three easy steps :

1. Define your site extent in Infraworks and export to an OBJ format

2. Import the OBJ into Autodesk Formit, and Export to DXF

3. Link the DXF into Revit and generate a Toposurface from the Import

4. The end result? Nicely done Mitch!

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