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Monday, 15 May 2017

Infraworks > Navisworks > Revit = Master Site Planning

One of the Revit 2018 New Features which I am very excited about is the Navisworks Underlay one can now use in Revit. This Revit Recess entry will explain the steps required to have an Infraworks model brought into Revit to assist with your Master Site Planning.

Using the Infraworks Model Builder, an area in Cape Town's CBD was extracted.

To use this Infraworks file in Navisworks, we need to export the model to a FBX file format.

 The exported FBX file can now be appended to a new Navisworks Project.

Part of the New Features in Revit 2018 is that one can now Link a Coordination Model (Navisworks file) to your Revit project.

The Coordination Models window is very similar to your normal Manage Links command, so there shouldn't be any problems adjusting to this new feature.

The entire Infraworks model will now be linked to your Revit Project. Granted, the material mapping from Infraworks to Navisworks to Revit needs some improvements, and the Navisworks link is a static object (i.e. an in-editable block). However: Imagine if we can generate topography from this Navisworks link - Much like we can generate topography from CSV files and CAD Imports? That would be brilliant!

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