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Monday, 13 March 2017

Modena Cape Town Partners With DotProduct LLC

More exciting news! Modena Cape Town has partnered with DotProduct LLC!

A huge thank you to Tom Greeves for travelling all the way from the USA to sunny Cape Town to train Modena Cape Town and providing us with first class training. If only he was here for longer! Our 3D scanning event at the Commodore Hotel in Cape Town was well attended and the attendees well satisfied with the live demonstration and Q&A session.

"Scanning is becoming increasingly popular as a means of capturing undocumented data in the field for accurate verification and to gain faster turnaround times to design and complete projects.

How laser scanning would add value from the beginning of a project.

By creating a 3D model of a project as it develops, an accurate analysis can be conducted by comparing and contrasting the as-built structure against the original design. Any deviation from the original design will be obvious from a visual perspective, as well as providing the survey team with the advantage of being able to interrogate the numerical data used to build the 3D model. Any deviation from the original design can be identified within hours, allowing corrections to be made within a working shift. By building a 3D plan of the development, a model can be used by teams of engineers and planners in the office to investigate specific details of the area that was scanned. This will allow them to determine whether structures like conveyors, monorails, pipes, and other services will fit as planned.

The following video is an example of this workflow as it really demonstrates capturing survey data from off-shore and sending the files back to the engineers to redesign. Just one of the many advantages."

"Recap, Revit and AutoCAD are tools ideally suited for incredible modelling to as-built workflows; ranging from green fields to brown fields projects this technology is being used in both the design, as-built and facilities management environments."

A special thank you to my colleague Gary Graham for initiating this partnership, and to my technical colleague Mitchell Parsonage, for demonstrating and narrating the Scan-to-Revit section of the video.

Should you need any sales or technical information on this product, or information on what products and services Modena Cape Town can offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Email (For DotProduct Scanners): (Gary Graham)
Telephone: +27 (0) 21 794 0702

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