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Monday, 18 April 2016

Where in the world is Herman?

Hello Revit Recess readers,

You might have wondered why my posts have become very infrequent. Fortunately work has been streaming in, so I had very little time available to play around on Revit.

I also had a bit of a bad experience recently with low-lives breaking into my flat and stealing both of my laptops and a number of other items I hold dear.

Please bear with continued infrequent updates, as I have lost all of my unpublished Revit Recess posts, even  my client and company files (Yes, my external backup drive was also pinched)

So, ja. I will be popping in now and again should I have some interesting or valuable content to share. I am pretty sure that we will soon see many posts focussing on the new Revit 2017 features!

Keep Calm and Revit on, Folks!

Herman Solomon 

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