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Monday, 1 June 2015

Revit Repeaters

Revit was primarily designed to service BIM (Building Information Modeling). However, do not get stuck thinking that Revit only fits into the BIM space. Revit can be used for a lot of other purposes as well, as can be seen from the images below. 

Virusses, micro bacteria, nearly anything can be created in Revit. We just need to find the workaround. The workaround to create these examples was to use the Revit Repeater command. 

The first example is of the HIV Virus.

 Example 2 is of a DNA strand.

The last example was a bit of a challenge: Microbe Bacteria. Creating the bacteria was quite easy, but getting the correct material representation was a tad difficult. Even though it would have been easier in 3ds Max, remember that this blog aims to keep to the default Revit functionality. I believe the result would be good enough to get the message across.

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